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June 2022

Strange Gifts

Well, not that strange. It's just an airbrush and a little compressor, that my father-in-law used once long ago. But I have a strange, tingling sensation at the base of my skull that says this is Important. I've had this feeling before, and I've learned to listen to...

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The First Box is Here!

I'm so excited! ^_^ My first box of "Celtic Spirals" came in the mail today! Seeing the book proof is exciting, but the first box... There's something special about the first box. The weight, the packaging, the smell, inspecting each piece - There's just something...

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Normal is Relative

On April Fools' Day, I was asked by my mom's boyfriend if I would be willing to airbrush a taxidermied pheasant. I never once thought he was joking. While he was setting up his airbrush in the basement, he told me about the large-scale, commercial work he's painted....

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What’s Next

I've been throwing out ideas for the next book, and the people have spoken! It shall be... *drumroll* Medieval Madness! Have you ever seen those crazy medieval art memes with demons with faces on their butts or rabbits jousting on snails? Like this one: A book full of...

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Hello, and welcome to the new site! There's art, books, a Facebook group and more coming to explore very soon. Today's big news is that my latest coloring book, "Celtic Spirals to Color" is now available! You can purchase it from Amazon here, or check the sidebar...

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