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February 2020

New Books! (yes, in the plural)

Feb 7, 2020 | Coloring Book, Next Project

screenshot of labyrinth drawing page by Brandy SinclairYes, I’ve been busy! As you can see, I’ve given the site a nice facelift, adding sections and whatnot. I’ve also been working on several new books, and making new videos.

I’m working on a series of art supply reviews, where I test different media and surfaces against each other, along with a few others. I’ll post them here when I’m done so you can view them in all of their messy glory.

I’ve also undertaken an art challenge again this year of doing a comic a day! They’re small, done in pencil and usually one frame, but hey – I’m making a little comic a day, so that’s pretty cool.

As for the books, which is the big news, I’m taking the angular maze/labyrinths that I’ve been drawing for… Years now, in the corners of my notebooks and such, and making a series of books. They look like traditional mazes, but they’re only one path. I’ve given ones I’ve drawn to people and they say they quite enjoy tracing them with their pens or fingertips, depending on how big I draw them. I even make patterns out of them. That’s the screenshot you can see. They’re relaxing to make, like knotwork, so I hope you can enjoy them, as well. Look for some in the freebies section soon!

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Brandy is the one who draws the art here, writes the blog posts, and makes the books. She’s a mom, jeweler, and a lifelong history lover who’s obsessed with art.


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