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October 2017

Book 3 is DONE! (mostly)

Oct 23, 2017 | Coloring Book

Okay, so I’ve been busily working away at the third coloring book these past two months, and I finished inking it last week! Whoo!

So, in my mind it is “Done” because the art is done, but it’s not really “Done.” I still need to pick out a cover image, make a cover, make a back cover, format the thing, make my interior pages, get it all up online, write a description, etc etc.

Anyways, here it is! I printed out all of the pages for the Little One so she could color it (best color-tester EVER) and decided to take a picture to show you.

Islamic Art coloring book pages

“Islamic Art to Color” all printed out for you to see!

But the heavy lifting part is DONE. The book isn’t finished, but it’s “Done.” It should be finished very very soon, as in early November soon when I get my hands on the proof copy.

As for the pages you see here, I tried to make a nice mix of traditional Islamic sacred geometry, tile pages modeled after actual tile patterns, interlacings,  and flowing Arabesques. There’s some really fiddly pages with lots of small areas to fill, and some pages with larger blank spaces where you can lay down big swaths of color, add graident effects, or even fill them in with your own motifs. Go nuts! I’m excited to finish it and see what you do with the designs!

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