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August 2017

Injuries, Pennsic and More!

Aug 30, 2017 | Artist Life, Jewelry Work

Wow, it’s been a crazy spring and summer for me!

Here’s the short version, and I won’t bore/disgust you with the long version. I got Poison Ivy in my system. Normally I’m immune, but while clearing it out of our lawn on Memorial Day Weekend, I got some in a cut on my arm and broke out EVERYWHERE. It was so bad I couldn’t do any work for the entire month of June. I couldn’t do much on the computer, because my bandages were soaking through five times a day, to the point where I was getting dehydrated. I was also on a ton of meds, so I was loopy and drowsy and of not much use to anyone.

All the while, the Saturday Night Markets were going on Downtown in Market Square, which was awesome! But I had to scamble once July hit to not only keep myself stocked for the market, but to prep for Pennsic, which is two weeks straight of historical fun and selling. Pennsic was amazing and wonderful (even if I did break two toes and get stung by a hornet) and I even got to teach a class! People quite enjoyed learning about how to make loop-in-loop chains, and I have even more ideas about classes to each next year. ^_^

But an artist’s work is never done, because the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival began the weekend right after Pennsic, and is currently in full swing! I sell my chainmaille wares there, and have a cart across from the jousting arena. We have the best seat in the house, because we have the Joust, Vegetable Justice (insult comedy game) and the Crown Stage, which has The Duelists! Those guys are great. ^_^

Amongst all of this insanity, I’m planning out my next book, which I hope to have done by November so it’ll be available for Christmas. I’m torn between two ideas, though.

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Brandy is the one who draws the art here, writes the blog posts, and makes the books. She’s a mom, jeweler, and a lifelong history lover who’s obsessed with art.


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