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April 2017

Injuries Suck

Apr 25, 2017 | Artist Life

Yep, injuries plural. Let me whine a bit.

At some point in the past month, I tripped and turned my right ankle. No big deal, except when you have vertigo and falling/tripping is part of everyday life, it takes a while for things like that to heal. It’s not enough to stay off it (HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! – Yeah, that’s not gonna happen) but even being careful when you’re walking around on it is nigh impossible because you will turn it more. You will bang your foot into things. You’ll probably react to a sudden tilt in the floor and put all of your weight on it wrong in an attempt to counteract the Inception-like sliding that isn’t really happening, and crash into some furniture on the way down.

Yep. Those happened, and then some.

So, my ankle is feeling better, but now I’m hurt again. Brian accidentally rolled over the front of my foot with a chair on Friday. I sprained something, I think? It hurt to walk and still does. Honestly, it’s not that bad. It’s something I’m used to. I’ve broken almost all of my toes multiple times, so as long as my foot still works, I’m not mad. It’s just annoying because I have a million things to do to prep for Blackstone Raid this weekend. :/ The icing on the cake is my carpal tunnel acting up again.

Thanks for letting me whine.

But I have things to do. Today, I’m going to take care of laundry. I’m going to repair one of Brian’s swords. I’m going to make some jewelry. I’m going to get things done. My current reality is one of shifting bruises from falling into doorknobs and banging into chairs. But I have things to do, and people to help me. Brian does the laundry, because that involves carrying baskets up and down stairs. If I can’t see my feet going up or down stairs, I get dizzy and might fall. So he does that, and I do the folding/putting away part. I can’t drive a car, and single-point perspective (like store aisles) make me dizzy, so he does the grocery shopping. I handle dishes.

So I’m going to do my things, and get ready for the event this weekend. It’s one of those things that you do when you’re self-employed. Yes, you’ll get sick and you’ll get hurt, but you’ve got to keep going. I’d have vertigo no matter where I worked. At least now I can work around it.

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