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Strange Gifts

Apr 17, 2017 | Artist Life

airbrush I was gifted

The Airbrush I was gifted this weekend

Well, not that strange. It’s just an airbrush and a little compressor, that my father-in-law used once long ago.

But I have a strange, tingling sensation at the base of my skull that says this is Important.

I’ve had this feeling before, and I’ve learned to listen to it. It never denotes “Right” or “Wrong”, but rather “Action”. When I get that feeling, I look around to see what’s happening, and I follow whatever action presents itself. I don’t get it very often, but I trust it.

This is the first time I’ve felt it hit twice on the same action in my entire life, and only two weeks apart. Two weeks ago, I posted about the pheasant I airbrushed, and how Buz gave me one of his old airbrushes. I felt that strange tingling, almost ticking sensation when he handed it to me and said, “Maybe this could be a new avenue for you.”

This set cogs spinning in the back of my head, but we had Steel City Con to prep for, and besides, I didn’t have any paints for an airbrush, I’d have to muck about with my big compressor, where do I do it, how do I start… Those various thoughts that your brain throws at you when the Universe puts something new in your path. We’ve all had them. It’s not our mind telling us that we’ll fail, it’s just our mind trying to protect us from the potential of failure or wasting time or money. On the evolutionary scale, this is a Good Thing, but when it comes to our dreams or ambitions, it can be our worst enemy. I try to police those thoughts as best I can, but no one is immune to them.

But I bought some black and some white airbrush paint when we hit up the craft store for something the Little One needed a few days ago. You know, just to maybe try it out at some point. This weekend, while visiting Brian’s parents for Easter, Brian was rummaging for something and found an old airbrush, some paints and a little compressor stuck in a bottom drawer in his dad’s little workroom. He asked his dad about it, and his dad said to take it.

I took it in my hands yesterday, and I felt that tingling again. I went to thank my father-in-law before I took it to the car, and he said, “It’s got maybe an hour’s use over the past twenty years. I figure you can put it to some use.” That tingle in the back of my skull flared up, gave me a chill and almost whited out my vision. He had no idea that I had just been gifted an airbrush and a flow pen two weeks ago.

Two airbrushes , a flow pen, paint and a compressor. Like Jack from Tremors 3 says, “The Universe provides.”

And you know what? I’m feeling the tingle now. No lie. The whole time I’m writing this. I guess that means I’m going to be playing with an airbrush tonight.

Do you get little”signs” from somewhere? Have you ever had things fall into your lap like this? What do you think is going on? Say something in the comments. I can’t be the only one to experience things like this.

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