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Mar 28, 2017 | Coloring Book, medieval, Next Project, Uncategorized

I’ve been throwing out ideas for the next book, and the people have spoken! It shall be… *drumroll*

Medieval Madness!

Have you ever seen those crazy medieval art memes with demons with faces on their butts or rabbits jousting on snails? Like this one:

Medieval priest meme

A book full of things like that! And there’s a LOT. Trust me, I’ve seen them in person. Those strange little doodles are called marginalia, and while there’s plenty of beautiful examples with flowers and jewels, there’s just as many wierd or outright dirty ones. But instead of just throwing a bunch of wierdness on a page, I’ll arrange them into proper pages with funny (or naughty) medieval sayings or jokes. It will be decidedly NSFW, so I’ll mark it as 18+ for crude humor, naked people, and bizarre things like the penis trees. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Those are a thing.

So, when will this insanity be available for you to color and laugh at with your friends? Hopefully, I’ll have it out by mid-July. I would like to have it finished in time for Pennsic.

What’s your favorite medieval art meme? Share it in the comments so we can all laugh!


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Brandy is the one who draws the art here, writes the blog posts, and makes the books. She’s a mom, jeweler, and a lifelong history lover who’s obsessed with art.


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