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May 2022
How to Get Free (or Nearly Free) Art Supplies

How to Get Free (or Nearly Free) Art Supplies

One of the sad truths of being an artist is this: Art Supplies Are Expensive. I know, I know. I can hear you saying, “Bran, they don’t have to be!” This is 100% true. I’ve seen amazing art made with #2 pencils and ballpoint pens on envelopes. But if you like paint,...

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New Books! (yes, in the plural)

Yes, I've been busy! As you can see, I've given the site a nice facelift, adding sections and whatnot. I've also been working on several new books, and making new videos. I'm working on a series of art supply reviews, where I test different media and surfaces against...

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Rabbits Everywhere!

As you may or may not know, I like to give myself a different daily art challenge each year. This year, I picked a theme to create around - RABBITS. Yep, rabbits! I have three adorable house rabbits, and they are a constant source of laughter and outbursts at how...

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Book 3 is DONE!

Yes, book three is done, and actually has been done for a while - I just got slammed with real-life things right after I hit the Publish button. Whan you do art and craft shows for a living, you turn into an elf after Halloween. Pretty much every weekend until...

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Book 3 is DONE! (mostly)

Okay, so I've been busily working away at the third coloring book these past two months, and I finished inking it last week! Whoo! So, in my mind it is "Done" because the art is done, but it's not really "Done." I still need to pick out a cover image, make a cover,...

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Where have I been? Glad you asked!

Well, I've been at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, mostly. I sell my chainmaille there in a little cart called the "Spoils of War" that's right by the jousting arena. This is both great fun and a great deal of work, as I usually end up spending the majority of my...

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Injuries, Pennsic and More!

Wow, it's been a crazy spring and summer for me! Here's the short version, and I won't bore/disgust you with the long version. I got Poison Ivy in my system. Normally I'm immune, but while clearing it out of our lawn on Memorial Day Weekend, I got some in a cut on my...

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Merchant Tales – Blackstone Raid 2017

This past weekend we were at Blackstone Raid, an SCA event. There was swordfighting, thunderstorms, music, rain, two derecho hits, lots of mead, oppressive heat, and art. We had a WONDERFUL time! Now, for those who don't know, I'm also a jeweler and I specialize in...

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Injuries Suck

Yep, injuries plural. Let me whine a bit. At some point in the past month, I tripped and turned my right ankle. No big deal, except when you have vertigo and falling/tripping is part of everyday life, it takes a while for things like that to heal. It's not enough to...

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