As you may or may not know, I like to give myself a different daily art challenge each year. This year, I picked a theme to create around – RABBITS.

Yep, rabbits! I have three adorable house rabbits, and they are a constant source of laughter and outbursts at how freaking cute they are. Because holy crap, they’re CUTE. And being the crazy bunny lady I am, picking a theme was pretty easy.

I know I’m not the only crazy bunny lady out there, so I’ve been taking a select few of my works and putting them up on my Redbubble store. I’m actually considering buying a dress, which is REALLY strange for me, especially since my clothing rule is “All black, all the time”, and I change sleeve length based on weather. Seriously, that’s it.

Here are my most recent additions – Which is your favorite? Click on them to go to their respective pages, or Click Here to go to my Redbubble profile.